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We say community to cup, because of producers just as The Monks of the Koutaba Monastery located in the Koutaba Region of Cameroon.

Single Origin Coffee - MONTHLY COFFEE CLUB

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  • Having started coffee cultivation and other agricultural production in the late 60's, the Brothers of the Koutaba monastery found the plateaus of West Cameroon very suitable for growing high quality coffee. This specialty coffee produced on their 35 hectares amongst pear trees and under a high forest canopy has led to partnerships with their mother community in Laval, France and others, enabling community projects such as educational programs for local farmers, building a school which currently has around 300 attendees, building a freshwater network beneficial to their entire community, employing 20 permanent workers, and around 200 seasonal pickers.

    Your support enables the further support of this and other farming communities like Koutaba.

    Coffee Type:
    Grade-A Arabica

    Medium (Mid City)

    Tasting Notes:
    Cocoa, Caramel, Lemongrass

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